June 18, 2021


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Zoom Out all of the Negatives and see the superb aspect of Motherhood!

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, motherhood can be a long and lonely journey at times. With so much to deal with, especially for a new mom, things can be a bit tricky to deal with. By the way, not just for a new mom, but for mothers in general! Shrink all negatives and see the amazing side of motherhood!

We all have our parenting style. Our methods and rules for doing things right at home and with children. Some of them are approved by others and some are not. Now for the rules or ways that are not approved by the public; we are often condemned for this.

Shrink all negatives and see the amazing side of motherhood!

I want this last post of the BlogChattera2z Challenge post as a thank you to my mother. A single mother raised me with so many negative vibes around her, but nothing changed from the fact that her path was right.

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Women’s Day with a single mother

This is how single mothers are judged in our society.

And I wish so badly that one day it would change Sometimes it becomes so difficult for single mothers not to leave a negative comment about everything they do for themselves or their children.

Financially independant

What I found to be important is that women need to be financially independent. Here I want to talk about women in general, not mothers or single mothers. This is one such thing that would go a long way.

Being a little stable and being able to get something for yourself would make it easy for everyone. Be it, family, you too could contribute. Be it to buy for yourself, you don’t have to ask. Be it for children; Well, parents are always ready to spend money on children.

For a single mom: It makes it a little easy to live alone and make a living. This is one such problem that makes a single mother dependent on others after this painful breakup. Well, depending on others ain’t easier.

Just one post about a single mother of a single daughter. A thank you post, a thank you post, a stay strong post. Whatever you like to call it. As my headline says, shrink all negatives and see the amazing side of motherhood!

maternityA few easy moments with a strong single mom

So much love! Finish this amazing blogging challenge with great co-bloggers. I have learned so much from all of you from this month !!

I’m finishing the end of the # BlogChattera2z challenge put by. is organized BlogChatter.

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