July 21, 2021


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Zinkil accepts function of MCS Director of Particular Schooling – The Madison File

MADISON – Since serving in middle school, Dr. Susan Zinkil for wanting to help extraordinary children. Zinkil is now the director of special education at Madison City Schools.

“I am honored to be with MCS. The reputation of leadership and educators in this district is incredible, ”said Zinkil. “I hope to continue the great work of Brenda Albritton and the Special Education Department.”

While MCS managed to train all youngsters, the district excelled with exceptional students, Zinkil said. “The principal and school board have approved the creation of a stand-alone special education wing at Bob Jones High School that will allow students to stay in their feeder pattern through Grade 12.”

“The wing or capsule is great news for our students and their parents,” said Zinkil. “As the Director of Special Education, it will be my responsibility to support the smooth transition for the students and educators who will be participating in this new program.”

Working with students with special needs means that ‘fair’ rarely means the same thing. “Fair” offers every student what they need to achieve their goals, ”said Zinkil. “My approach, discipline and reinforcement often vary. The students – and my own children – know: ‘This is not fair’, have never worked with me. “

Describing herself as a “specialty educator”, Zinkil earned three degrees in this area from Florida State and Florida Atlantic Universities. Zinkil initially worked as an auxiliary person for several years. After that she was deputy headmistress in a school for special needs students and then as deputy headmistress and headmistress in pre-K-12 schools.

This experience, along with working as a director of another system, has provided Zinkil with background knowledge for MCS. “My career began in Broward County, Florida and moved to Cherokee County, Georgia. I’m an Alabama girl so it’s almost like coming home, coming to Madison City, ”said Zinkil.

Although he grew up in a military family on the US East Coast, Germany, and Italy, Zinkil regards Guntersville as his home.

Susan and Mike Zinkil celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary in June. “Mike is from Broward County, so that’s where I started my career,” said Susan. “Mike works in IT at Cherokee County Schools but will be coming here soon.”

Her older son, Matthew 24, studied physics at the University of North Georgia. Matthew holds a master’s degree in computer science from Kennesaw State University. “I hope the job prospects in Huntsville / Madison will entice Matthew that way,” said Susan.

Twins Emily and Michael, 19, are 2020 Cherokee graduates. “Emily will come here when her father moves, works, and goes to school. Michael will stay because he is attending the Atlanta Institute of Music, ”said Susan.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Susan is an avid tennis player, hiker and jogger. “I’ve competed in the Frantic Frog and Lake Guntersville triathlons several times. I’m looking forward to resuming training, ”she said.


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