June 19, 2021


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Your Children and Husband are tremendous. However are you ,mother? motherhood version

The most common question we mothers are asked. How are the kids How is your husband doing? They are alright!! But how are you mama ?! I ask again, your husband and children are fine! But are you mom Issue of motherhood.


Well if you are good everything would be good.

Your children and your husband are fine! But are you mom

Mom, motherhood is a long journey and it can get lonely at times. Covid or no Covid household and the responsibility of the children lies on the shoulders of the mothers. That might make you a little weak, a little tired. (

As a new mom or mom in general, you have to keep telling yourself that it’s okay and that you would do your best for your kids! You need to keep reminding yourself that you are fine and doing a great job.

Feeling anxious and panicking is normal, and mood swings are also common. Physical and mental burnouts would scare you to death and you will not be able to give your 100%. Have you ever felt this way?

Yes! I did, and I’m sure most of you will answer yes too! That’s normal, isn’t it? If so, why are you stressing out? I know we are modern mothers and that is too much for us. And what do you actually expect from children? They will be the attention seekers and needy little people, always ready to throw a tantrum.

Your children and your husband are fine!  But are you mom  Issue of motherhoodYour children and your husband are fine! But are you mom Issue of motherhood

And go to hell with the quote that says, ‘Motherhood is full of joy’ Mom, maternity days are just awesome. They’re kids, they’re gonna do the shit they want anyway! You would have tantrums in public places that are uncontrollable. But that’s okay, they are kids!

You must be fine! You can have days of depression with anxiety alone. But there is only one other day and that too will pass. Don’t be so hard on yourself because you are a perfect mother and wife. Nobody is perfect.

We all have days where we suck at what we do and that’s fine! Your children are fine! Your husband is fine! But are you okay ?? !! Well, if you’re fine, they’re fine too! Bring yourself together and try not to get lost on the journey of motherhood, mom!

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