July 20, 2021


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Xplor launches Dwelling+, a brand new free parenting ‘Netflix’ for households and educators

Childcare management software provider Xplor launched a new content platform that provides both parents and educators with a wide range of free professional advice and online educational resources that can be linked directly to a child’s individual learning journey.

The service, called Home +, is an on-demand service similar to ‘Netflix’ that offers free content such as videos, e-books, tips sheets and masterclass courses from leading Australian and international experts in areas such as nutrition, behavior, communication, sleep, growth, Using the toilet, first aid, fathers / partners and parenting and work.

“Home + is an industry first, and we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to improve access to critical information that helps families become parents,” said Mark Woodland, Founder and CEO of Xplor Education.

“With Australia’s best parenting content now available for free, parents are empowered to enrich their children’s early education. It will also provide early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions another way to build lasting relationships with their families. We can hardly wait to bring knowledge as a service to the education sector. “

Home + to align parents more effectively with the child’s learning and development journey

The new content platform Home + is available to parents via the Home app and through an intuitive user interface that allows parents to search for content on a range of topics relevant to themselves and their children’s educational and developmental path, as well as to offer recommendations for relevant content tailored to a child’s needs .

The content of the platform is also available to professionals of early childhood Playground app through which they can access the resources via their daily updates and posts and mark and share current content that is specific to a child’s individual learning outcomes and developmental milestones.

“By making Home + available to educators as well, we enable them not only to deepen their own understanding of important pre-natal and early parenting issues, but also to encourage them to share content that is relevant to parents based on their specific interactions with their children are relevant in the ministry, ”said Mr. Woodland.

“It’s this unique aspect of Home + that makes it so special and why we believe it’s such an important addition to the Xplor ecosystem.

Ternity Group creates new exclusive resources for the Home + platform

Experts in maternity and early childhood education, Ternity groupwho have long been helping parents with evidence-based, engaging, and easy-to-understand resources have partnered with Home + to create a range of exclusive content for the platform and provide access to their current extensive library.

“Our organization was born out of a desire to promote healthy social and emotional development in infants in Australia during their early years, and we are excited to share our world-class, evidence-based health education through Xplor with such a broad parenting audience.” Cindy Davenport, Mothers – and Pediatric Nurse and Clinical Director at Ternity.

“Ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing rules have resulted in many new parents often being without the help of health professionals or unable to seek assistance from the extended family. Our content helps fill this gap with reliable and credible education that gives parents the skills to overcome parental challenges. “

Feed baby Content resources are developed by healthcare professionals with over 30 years of experience and some of our most watched videos include ‘Understand Your Baby or Toddler’ and ‘Sleep with Your Baby’. “

“I am confident that this and other programs will be well received by parents using Home + and educators using Playground, and we look forward to working with Xplor in the future,” said Ms. Davenport.

To learn more about Home +, please click Here.


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