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WRITTEN IN THE STARTS – Guide evaluate

About the book

This story, Written in the Stars, takes place when a cute curly haired girl named Sitara became so obsessed with promotion and tried all possible ways to get there. While she was kind of doing her best, trying to bring it up with her bosses would get a low rating. Read more, WRITTEN IN THE STARTS – Book Review

Desperate for a promotion, she even decides to schedule meetings and even come up with ideas based on the astrology of her marketing director Abhimanyu. Written in the launches is based entirely on how she tries to outsmart the bosses.

How did she manage to organize meetings based on a horoscope? Did that affect your friendship with your colleagues? Has she taken advantage of someone’s beliefs? Was it all worth a promotion? Is the meeting written with someone in the starting blocks? Take a look at my opinion on this book.


What i felt: WRITTEN IN THE STARTS – book review

The story takes place in Bangalore and begins with the famous Bangalore traffic and their love for the trivia. She’s too late for trivia and fun hurdles that she just faces in order to enter the club. Your contribution was the fun part of this book. I have to say it’s hilarious yet a reality of how we can be so messy at times.

Her first encounter with her future crush, Abhimanyu, came out of the blue and I couldn’t imagine such an encounter. Imagine you meet someone who you think is a total idiot and he becomes your boss and his approval is needed for your promotion and all this process makes you fall into him …? Sounds crazy, right …!

Glam is a startup, a lot of new ideas were picked up after serious discussions and evaluations and so Sitara needed a solid plan of their idea to implement them. When she learned that Abhimanyu was obsessed with the horoscope and that he was planning and planning his important meeting accordingly, she began to stake out his horoscope.

In the process of gaining recognition and promotion, she hurt the feelings of her friends who did not know that she was scheduling meetings according to the horoscope. Dhruv, a very manipulative colleague, is trying his best to postpone Sitara’s launch plan.

Despite the office madness, Abhi and Sitara got close when he offers a ride to her sister’s house and her niece invites him to be her friend. After a typical Indian family reunion and listening to counters, he offers to save Sitara from her family. And their friendship began.

While she is being promoted, she falls in love with Abhimanyu, and so does he. And after so many meetings, however, when she finally gets everything right and is ready for promotion, something happens that would make all the effort in vain.

Sitara learns the hard way not to be convinced of one thing and people are important in life. Reading Written in the Stars has been a roller coaster ride for me and I have been able to connect with the whole reality of life and at times we can get so greedy but should be in control of how we take things.


Review for Written In The Stars: WRITTEN IN THE STARTS – book review

4/5 **

About the author:

Divya Anand, A product manager by profession and a passionate author. All her creativity shows in her books. For her first book Dare Eat That she won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. I Hate my Curly Hair is another popular picture book for children.

You can get your copy of this fantastic book from Amazon.

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Available as a Kindle edition and paperback.

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