October 16, 2021


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Why I H-A-T-E the ACLU

By Katie Wright

I haven’t always felt that way. In college I enjoyed studying the ACLU and found its struggles for freedom of expression to be brave and monumental. They fought to ensure that people who hold the most unpopular views have the right to express their opinions. The ACLU fought and won to end the ban on multiracial and LGBTQ marriages. So many amazing accomplishments.

For me, the ACLU meant: “Don’t tell me how to think, how to express myself (peacefully, of course), where to worship or not to worship, or what not to do, what to do with my body!” these feelings not America?

Like most Americans, I was shocked and disgusted by the ACLU NYT editorial staff who applauded vaccine mandates. Yes, vaccination orders are compulsory vaccination because if the penalty means losing your job, there is no choice at all. The idiots who wrote this letter seriously misjudged their own ACLU members. The negative comments to the ACLU editors ran around 100 -1!

Apparently, the ACLU fully supports restaurants and stores that refuse to serve black customers. The ACLU also fully supports the immediate discharge of unvaccinated black Americans. What advocacy! They beat it out of the ACLU park!

The fact that nearly 50% of NYC black Americans are not served in restaurants makes some ugly memories, doesn’t it? But the ACLU says bring back Jim Crow, I missed you buddy !! Turn the unvaccinated black customers away!

The black community has legitimate reasons to be concerned about vaccine safety. Historically, the medical community has abused black patients and denied them adequate care. But it is the black population, not the medical community, that is being punished today. Makes sense right?

As I mentioned earlier, the response to their NYT article celebrating the vaccine with violence has been mostly negative, at 95%. It’s worth noting that many of the most negative commenters reported being ACLU members!

The ACLU is so out of reach. I looked to see what kind of cases they are prioritizing. If you’re a Central American trying to live in the US, the ACLU is your back. You are heavily involved in this issue. You are working on a number of trans rights cases. The ACLU fought and won the right to force schools to allow all trans (biologically male) girls to compete against girls in all athletic sports. The result in my home state of Connecticut has resulted in girls almost never winning track meetings when competing with trans girls. Subsequently, championships, scholarships, etc. are denied to the girls. Yes, nice work ACLU. So much for all of your claims of caring about girls’ rights.

So unless you are a Central American trying to live in this country or a trans person, you are in the other 99% of America and the ACLU couldn’t care less about you. Your right to privacy is of secondary importance. In their twisted universe that forces you to choose between your job and a medical procedure that you don’t want, that only strengthens your civil liberties ???

Do the geniuses who wrote this editorial even know that people seriously injured by the Covid vaccination will be denied compensation and all reasonable procedures ?? The vaccine maker is being compensated and the “special court” chosen to hear Covid cases is notoriously poorly administered and hostile to citizens’ complainants. The Covid Vaccine Tribunal determines for the vaccine maker / government about Ninety percent of the time.

Hey ACLU, do you even know that there is no jury allowed in this “special” court and discovery is not mandatory? Sounds like a great system for “improving our civil liberties!” So ​​if you have a serious side effect and you can’t work for months and pay your bills, you’re out of luck, my friend. The consumer bears full responsibility and all risk! Sounds fair!

Today’s ACLU is a disgrace to its founding mission. Instead of scrutinizing vaccination regulations and lack of consumer rights, they put on this cheerleader outfit, pull out their pompoms and celebrate the loss of our civil rights. ACLU 2021 says you have NO right to physical integrity or any right to compensation if you are injured.

Do you know that even Russia prohibits vaccination mandates?


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