August 8, 2021


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Why do I write extra about Single mom/Single Mother and father?

This is the fifth blog post in a series of “Know Your Author” as part of the BlogChatter Half Marathon. Why I write a lot about single parents on my website Momlifeandlifestyle. To be honest, this topic is very important to me.

Do you know your author series:

Although this post is based on my personal experience, I don’t want to bore my readers with my story. But I just want to mention a few facts that I want to point out and discuss.

single mother

Well, single mother whose journey has so many ups and downs but she sets off with all her might. People would be busy judging almost every decision she makes. When it comes to fights, there are lots.

Why I write. Well, I couldn’t talk enough about things / situations my mother faced. I use her as my role model so as not to fall for people’s comments. Alone and yet very strong to raise a girl alone.

Yes, there are many limits for a single parent set by society and only in the event that a single parent crosses or dares to cross that limit will he or she face a lot of criticism. I wish there were some changes that were forever.

Financial instability:

This is the most important and most important reason single parents want to work but are let down by others.

Have opinion:

Having an opinion is the most common point and sometimes it would be too much to deal with. For someone who tries so hard to calm themselves down from the harsh fact and start making a living.

Support from family and society:

Well, I’m not saying the family doesn’t support it. Do it! In times like these, it’s also important to have good support that understands you and supports your decision. While sometimes society is nice to you and sometimes passes on comments that are very painful.

To be a role model:

Well, in my life I couldn’t think of anyone but my mother. She’s just so perfect, who didn’t care about society, when they tried to defame her, when they tried to pull her down, when they tried to question every decision she made.

Single mother and her strong daughter

I think this last point is what leads me to write more about single mothers / single parents.

This blog post is part of BlogChatter HalfMarathon!

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