July 2, 2021


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Who’s Going to Pay for Autism?

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook from a friend in our boat who asked a question: Who pays for what they did to our children?

The “who” is a long list of perpetrators. The “what” is a different story.

In today’s world there is a lot of talk about repayments, getting off debt, finding someone else to pay for your mistakes or decisions. Tuition debt relief comes to mind. Great for those who qualify who think the idea is laudable. (And who wouldn’t?) It’s a slap in the wallet for those who either chose not to go to college, settle their debts, or still dutifully pay each month. The idea is ridiculous to them.

Below is how I commented. It’s not my usual happy approach. It’s raw. That’s how I feel. Worse still, I know that in 1, 5, 10, 20 years from now millions of people will ask a similar question after adding the C-Vax to the regimen. Same answer.

We are. The parents (or in my case parents.) Our children were the test generation for this Covid disaster. There is NO FEAR of V sin-ation in the average American. When the world accepted autism as a gift, a special kind of difference, that was the basis for our stories to die on the vine. We tried to warn others about what was hurting our children. We were closed. And now parents only think of unicorns, saviors and messiah when they see a needle. They turned the fear of the product into a fear of not having the product. On our backs our OUR children. That is the gift of autism to the world. Drug addiction and a junkie-like need for “protection”.


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