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What’s Psychological Well being and the way will we as society outline it?

Mental health is the ultimate state of our emotional, physiological and social well-being. It reflects our actions, our behavior towards an issue and towards others. Your mental health effects your day-to-day life and your approach to it.

Having stable health is important to all age groups from childhood to adults to old age.

There may be many factors that might cause and contribute, some of them are:

  • Biological issues
  • day-to-day life experiences,
  • abuse
  • Family history.

What is Mental Health and how do we as society define it?What is Mental Health and how do we as society define it?

Signs that someone is facing mental health issues:

  • Lack of sleep and overeating
  • Avoiding people
  • Putting away the usual and daily tasks
  • Self harming
  • Abusing others or self
  • Having less or no feeling at all.
  • feeling number
  • Unable to explain the health issues
  • Less self-confidence
  • Having angry issues with family

These are the few of many symptoms to identify a person who is facing it

We have people around us who might be going through some problems but they hardly open up about such things. And sometimes we tend to joke it off even if someone tries to speak up. Help is available easily, thanks for the awareness created online and offline.

Few of the many benefits with the positive mental health:

  • Cope with stress easily than the last time
  • Know their full ability and protentional
  • Become more productive
  • Contribute more towards family as well as community.

How to maintain a positive mental health after recovering?

  • Get help again if needed.
  • Socialize a lot.
  • Be open about how you feel.
  • Don’t suffer inside.
  • Be physically active, helps in anxiety.
  • Be positive and spread positive ideas.
  • Help others who think you need help.
  • Listen to more people
  • Share your story and journey of coping with it.

What is Mental Health and how do we as society define it?What is Mental Health and how do we as society define it?

I would talk more about Mental Health in detail in coming posts.

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