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What Does He See? – AGE OF AUTISM

Cathy shares the blessing of having a strong husband and father for their five children. Happy Father’s Day to all AofA fathers. I was blessed with a father who took care of me (and my 3 daughters) until he died at the age of 94. Autism and the curves of life create lions – and lemons. To the lions, for whom fatherhood is more than a photo opportunity. Happy Father’s Day!
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By Cathy Jameson

Through his father’s eyes. What does he see? Does he see the same things that I do for Ronan? Sometimes. May be. Yes. But not always. I am the daily provider. The main carer. The maker of the schedule and the creator of all meals. I take care of therapy. I go to all appointments. He can do anything I can, including defending important rights.

But does he do that? The father? Does he do anything I do? He does. Little bit. Sometimes.

He can do everything I can. He also does so much more! I’m not ashamed of that. That’s why I’m no less than him. I am the mom. He is the papa.

And oh what a father he is!

Steve bw 1

I know other families who are living this thing called life without a father like Ronan did. Your workload will be doubled. Your stressors are bigger. Your burden is heavier. I thank God every day that Ronan’s father is here. Not every day is a perfect day for him or us. Far from it! But it’s a day for us to be together, to work together. It is a day for us to care for a young man with severe autism and multiple medical conditions. It is a day for us not to give up but always remember to try.

And once it doesn’t work, it’s a day for all of us to try, try again.

Steve try again 2

No matter which way …

Steve Path 3

No matter how difficult the task at hand will be …

Steve task 4

The father promised to protect his child.

To help him be happy.

And to lead him wherever this journey takes them.

Steve sure

Not everyone has what my boy has. I pray that the father figure is someone who can lead, who can encourage, and who is exactly what your child needs.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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