November 13, 2021


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Well being Freedom Protection Fund Sues Los Angeles Unified College District Over Workers Vaccine Mandate

The public health case for vaccine mandates is crumbling in the face of new evidence that vaccines fail to prevent infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2

How did we get to a place where our government is comfortable forcing healthy Americans into risky medical intervention to support their families? Have we become North Korea? “

– Leslie Manookian

SANDPOINT, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, Nov. 9, 2021 / – The Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) and six individual California Educators for Medical Freedom (CAEMF) plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District ( LAUSD.) A) challenged their COVID-19 vaccination mandate for all teachers and staff (Case No. 2: 21-cv-08688). The defendants will be served this week.

The lawsuit alleges a total lack of justification for LAUSD’s mandate and relies on solid scientific evidence showing the inability of currently approved COVID-19 vaccines to prevent infection and transmission, the superior protection of natural immunity and the Evidence of significantly higher incidences of injuries and side effects and deaths from the COVID-19 injections compared to all previous vaccines that have been brought to market.

The Health Freedom Defense Fund opposes laws and regulations that force Americans to submit to the administration of medical products, procedures, and devices against their will. Never in the history of this nation have citizens been exposed to such a violation of their individual rights and freedoms as under the permanent state of emergency that has existed in the United States for the past twenty months. The COVID state of emergency has been used to justify lockdowns, ban worship services, suspend jury courts, impose masking obligations and now enforce vaccines in a clear violation of one of the most basic human rights, physical autonomy.

Leslie Manookian, President of HFDF said, “In less than two years, how have we got to a place where many Americans are now comfortable inquiring about other people’s personal health choices, and our government is comfortable being healthy Forcing Americans into risky medical intervention to provide for their families? Have we become North Korea? “

Since CDC has admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and recent evidence shows that vaccinated individuals are just as likely to spread the Delta variant as those who are not vaccinated, every public health argument has grown in favor of the vaccinations dissolved.

The introduction of a vaccination mandate as a prerequisite for employment was “a clear, tangible interference with the rights guaranteed by the constitution and is unconstitutional,” said the plaintiffs’ chief attorney, John W. Howard. As such, LAUSD’s mandate also represents a serious encroachment on the personal rights of the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit goes on to say that those injected with COVID vaccines may, for the foreseeable future, become “immunological cripples” who rely on vaccines, “super-spreaders”, the extremely high viral loads in the nose and upper respiratory tract wear and become more clinically ill than unvaccinated, with a higher likelihood of death and more severe hospitalizations.

Lawyers allege that the plaintiffs in this case have been deprived of their liberty, which is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, which includes the right to personal autonomy, self-determination, physical integrity and the right to refuse medical treatment.

The Health Freedom Defense Fund is committed to defending the fundamental right to medical freedom for all Americans so that they can freely accept or decline any medical treatment. HFDF, we will continue to fight illegal and unethical health regulations until freedom of health is restored in America.

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