February 3, 2022


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We offer door-to-door training for particular wants kids: Nayika Sayal

Nayika Sayal is a highly qualified special education teacher. Her latest venture, Niraya Education, aims to help special needs children whose education has been impacted by the pandemic. Niraya Education also teaches job skills to adults with special needs. We invited Nayika for an interview as part of our special series NewsX India A-List. Below are excerpts from the interview:

For our first question, we asked Nayika what inspired the idea behind Niraya Education. “Niraya only started recently during the pandemic when there was a transition between offline and online education,” Nayika said. She continued: “I felt there was a need to bridge the gap in the special needs area. And of course online education works for a lot of kids in a lot of ways, but for a lot of kids it doesn’t.” She closed the response by saying, “So when it comes to that transition, then Niraya actually happened.”

Nayika told us about her journey as an educator: “I have been involved with education for eight years now, starting with my Montessori degree, which is general education. Special education attracted me after that.”

We then asked Nayika if she felt the pandemic was having a positive impact by showing the need for a noble company like Niraya Education, to which she replied, “Yes, that is absolutely correct. The pandemic has been positive because there was a need for this door-to-door education service, and that’s what we do at Niraya Education. In addition to children with special needs, we also take care of general education.”

Telling us how her company empowers people with special needs, Nayika told us, “At Niraya, we provide door-to-door education for children with special needs.” She added, “We also work for adults with special needs.” Nayika also informed us about Niraya’s efforts to encourage children with special needs to play sports. “We have also started training children with special needs for state and national sports,” she said.

Nayika also told us about the consulting services that Niraya offers. She told us: “In addition to counseling parents with special needs, at Niraya we have a unique program that is geared towards children.” She continued: “Children with ADHD, autism, Down syndrome – they can come and with our experts and our team about their problems and their perspectives on life.”

“The idea is to train educators to train caregivers. Today, at least, caregivers and educators need to be shown how to deal with a child with special needs… At Niraya, we plan to fill that gap,” Nayika said, explaining how Niraya is helping to fill the gap in special needs education to close children.

Speaking about teaching job skills to become self-reliant students with special needs, Nayika informed us, “We have ongoing programs for extracurricular activities. For children and adults who need professional skills and professional training, Niraya will also provide these.”

When asked what kind of help special schools want from the government, she replied, “We definitely need support from the government…Technology is something we need in special schools and a lot of times we don’t get it because of affordability.”

Watch the full interview here:


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