September 23, 2021


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WayBack: Nowhere left for Covid to go to mutate right into a lethal variant, says Oxford vaccine creator

Could Covid become something to sneeze at with the mutation? It would be joy if we get caught up in social chaos. Just another cold? That would taste the cake and help end this broken fairy tale we are living in right now. Masks, tests, isolation, vaccines, fear, worry, separation, work problems, a relationship break – it would all be poof and we could deal with a million other problems again. Below, enjoy a quick video from a childhood friend to explain my pretty silly cake joke. XOX

Here is an article archived in the WayBack machine yesterday. Apparently Dame Sarah Gilbert did NOT get the memo about the daily renewal of fear porn.

The Telegraph (UK)

Covid can no longer mutate into a deadly variant anywhere, says the inventor of the vaccine from Oxford Oxford Vaccine / https: // // Variant-says-oxford-vaccine /

According to Dame Sarah Gilbert, viruses tend to become less virulent over time as they spread in a population that becomes immunized

Covid is unlikely to mutate into a much more deadly variant because there are “not many places the virus can go to,” said the Oxford vaccine chief scientist.

Dame Sarah Gilbert said that viruses tend to become less virulent over time as they spread through a population that becomes immunized.

Although Dame Sarah said some genetic drift was to be expected, she said Covid-19 will eventually become like other seasonal coronaviruses that cause colds and respiratory infections … read the full article at the link above.


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