August 16, 2021


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Way forward for running a blog for Momlifeandlifestyle.

Most recently from the “Know your Author” series by BlogChatterHalfMarathon. As I mentioned earlier, momlifeandlifestyle would be this October 1, and over the past year I have grown as a blogger. In this post I want to talk / share about the future of blogging for momlifeandlifestyle.

Do you know your author series:

  1. Blogging is the reason I chose blogging.
  2. Why Momlifeandlifestyle as my domain name.
  3. How I manage kids and blogging.
  4. Topics that I cover in my blog Momlifeandlifestyle.
  5. Why I write more about single parents / single parents.
  6. My first e-book, Maternity Talks
  7. How do other parent bloggers affect me?
  8. How blogging helped me become the best of me
  9. Blog challenges have added to my pride.

Growing up as a blogger has been a challenge for me. As a stay-at-home mother and children who are at home all the time, there is no quiet time when the children are sitting and writing at night, only after the children have gone to sleep to let them know that mom is working and not disturbing them should, I’ve come a long way!

Future of bloggingFuture of blogging

I blog for almost 1 year and I feel more confident to address my views and convey my thoughts. For me, blogging is about expressing my heart and not just writing for the sake of it. Before I started momlifeandlifestyle, my goal was to help parents.

Future of blogging Future of blogging

Some tips and tricks that worked for me might work for you too. Momlifeandlifestyle is currently a blog for parents, but I would bring it to health and lifestyle at some point. This 1 year has been as exciting and nervous as my first days of professional blogging.

I would love to see Momlifeandlifestyle as a parenting and lifestyle website. This blog post is written for BlogChatter as part of the half marathon.

Future of blogging Future of blogging

Download my first e-book, Maternity talks. Would love to have your review on this.


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