Valparaiso baby with particular wants denied free applicable public training, listening to officer mentioned | Newest Headlines

The Hearing Officer ordered PCES and VCS Schwarten to reimburse costs related to private schooling last year and homeschooling last year. A total refund of $ 22,000 was ordered based on a “conservative estimate” of how much money the public school would have received if the student had been enrolled during those two years.

According to its website, PCES serves approximately 5,000 students in 55 schools. It provides special education services to all school districts in Porter County, including Duneland School Corp., East Porter County School Corp., MSD of Boone Township, Portage Township Schools, Porter Township School Corp., Union Township School Corp. and Valparaiso Community Schools.

Schwarten said she hasn’t heard from VCS or PCES since the decision was announced earlier last week. The executive director of PCES did not respond to a comment, nor did the attorney representing PCES and VCS.

Schwarten first attempted to get their subsidiary benefits from PCES in 2016 and 2019. Depending on where they live in the county, Schwarten’s daughter would go to the Thomas Jefferson Elementary. But she said PCES said her daughter could only have a nurse with her if she went to the SELF special education facility.

Schwarten wanted her daughter to attend elementary school, which she traditionally would go to on a district basis, and reported this to the Jefferson director. At the IEP case conference in August 2019, nobody from the school was present, and no general education teacher was present either.


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