March 6, 2022


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Valderrama: When schooling turns into the reply

THE posts of DepEd Region XI, the official social media page of the Department of Education (DepEd) Davao Region, is getting a lot of engagements from shares to reactions and comments.

One of these is the Huwarang Bata that features the unique and meaningful stories of learners every weekend.

Many posts are highlighting learners’ achievements through hard work and persistence. One of these is the story of seventeen-year-old Ronald Amit, a Grade 6 learner from Davao de Oro, who dreams big for himself and the only parent he knew – his grandmother.

He would work from dawn to dusk only to bring food to their table and to sustain all the needs in their little house while he would read and answer modules at night. But one corner in that little house is painted with beautiful colors of success – his medals and photos. The little corner is the witness of all his efforts and sacrifices.

Ronald is the face of the many underprivileged children whose hope lies in education. All he wants is to graduate and become a teacher or an architect. He believes that education is the foundation for a better future.

What if all children and all families think this way? Nelson Mandela, a known leader and philanthropist, gave the answer long ago. He said education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

For the world to become equal, it needs to start with education to cut the gaps between social classes. In the country, everyone is given equal opportunities for education. The 1987 Constitution guarantees the right to education of every Filipino.

DepEd has always affirmed its commitment to provide inclusive education to all Filipino learners. It has a provision of inclusive education with initiatives for learners with special needs under the Special Education, Indigenous Peoples (IP) learners benefit from IP Education program, children and youth who are out-of-school under the Alternative Learning System program.

Ronald has enjoyed this right to education by enrolling in a public school. For him and his grandmother, education can change their lives and their future. Education can end their poverty. Education will develop Ronald to become the man he would want to be.

But education here is not all about learning to read and write. DepEd strives to develop critical thinking among learners. Critical thinking is the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.

Learners do not only remember, understand, and apply what they have learned, but they can also be able to analyze ideas, to connect them to real-life situations and social realities, evaluate different courses of action, and create solutions.

Ronald is now developing critical thinking skills. While he learns about the essential competencies embedded in the lessons, he is starting to analyze the world and his future.

He already has this question in mind, “What if I will become a teacher or an engineer?” And he also has the answer in his heart, “I can now provide everything for my grandmother. We will have a better life.”

If only all Filipino children, privileged or underprivileged, will think how Ronald thinks, they would always come up with right decisions in life. This way, they will live the life they deserve.


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