July 12, 2021


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V Is For Vaccine Protests Exterior Springsteen On Broadway Irking Covidphobic Howard Stern

Note: When I turned on the Howard Stern Show at around 7:30 a.m. yesterday morning, his uninterrupted fear of Covid and his love of vaccinations began the moment I turned on. Imagine my surprise when he started talking about the V For Vaccine protest outside Springsteen on Broadway – which was vaccinated only. He hates the unvaccinated and fears Covid with all his heart and soul and OCD. He turned his cruelty into comedy. I was so annoyed that I took a screenshot.


Protest against segregation at the Bruce Springsteen concert for “Vaccinated Only” participants

New York, NY – On June 26, 2021, the largest public vaccine risk education organization, V for Vaccine, protested what they call discrimination and modern segregation, ahead of the first show of the new Bruce Springsteen concert series at the St. James Theater. Springsteen’s shows are only open to “vaccinated” individuals, so only those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine will be admitted. Concert goers had to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to enter the venue.

The protest aimed to highlight how segregating CAA855FA-BFB5-4DFB-AFD4-55757FC2AF46Vaccinated and unvaccinated people violate civil and equal rights as activists hold signs recreating civil rights-era protest signs. One such sign read “Segregation is morally wrong!”

Segregation is defined as the act or state of setting someone or something apart or setting things apart. There are many reasons people might not vaccinate, including a previous vaccination violation or a medical or genetic predisposition to a side effect.

Springsteen is not the first to make this requirement. Just last week, V for Vaccine also organized a protest at The Foo Fighters concert on the west coast, the very first full capacity “vaccinated only” concert in the country.

Joshua Coleman, co-founder of V for Vaccine, stated, “Our aim is to point out that this medically and scientifically unjustified discrimination is setting a dangerous precedent. We are in an age where we have got over treating others unfairly because of prejudice ”and unfounded fears. In this case history seems to repeat itself. “


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