July 24, 2021


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Unstated Advert for The Actual Anthony Fauci, Invoice Gates, Large Pharma E-book

On the 20th of July, Bill O’Reilly and his No Spin News COVID19 vaccine topics covered on the First News Channel. (11:18) O’Reilly was a staunch supporter of this vaccine. He has his and his children have theirs. He has no doubt that this is an effective vaccine against COVID, with little chance of side effects. He trusts the CDC’s assurances. Everyone should get vaccinated to stop the spread, he said.

O’Reilly is also a firm believer in personal choice when it comes to getting a vaccine.

What interested me were his comments on “anti-Vaxxers” and how they are censored by almost all mainstream media. He even has Robert Kennedy, Jr his new book (Which he didn’t name, but we will: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health). He said no network would cover this.

Here is the sound from the show:

O’Reilly: (20:40) … I believe the reported data is correct, not 100%, but mostly. This is what you need to base your life choices on.

An offshoot of that, and a very interesting offshoot, is the one on the Fox News Channel – remember that the liberal media does not tolerate anti-Vax media.

They won’t hear it, and if they somehow get a grip on it, they will demonize the person.

Robert Kennedy, Jr., a Democratic Liberal, wrote a book, now it has come out that the vaccinations are bad.

He’s an anti-vax guy; has always been.

Kennedy is a pretty big name; he cannot take part in any of these shows. You can’t hear his point of view.

They can read the book, they carry the book. It’s on Amazon. Saw it the other day.

But Kennedy himself is not booked anywhere.

The only channel that has anti-Vax contingent on television is the Fox News Channel, but the anti-Vaxers there are in the minority.

Most of the people who work at Fox encourage people to get the vaccine. …

The two biggest names at FNC are Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

Hannity came out last night and said you gotta let yourself be fooled, but Carlson is skeptical.

So there are hours in a row where one guy is skeptical and the other says let yourself be fooled.

It does not matter. I mean, I admire any network where you can have a variety of thoughts and opinions, because the CNNs, the NBCs, the ABCs – there is no such thing as a variety of thoughts.

There is only one thing and everyone knows it. …

But it puts the Fox News organization in a tough spot because … they’re just saying opposing things, which is fine. …


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