June 17, 2021


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Unimaginable India Bucket-list. by Aditya Sathe E book Evaluation!

Travel is something we all love. And Covid made us realize how much we miss it. While we are still struggling with Covid-19, I was happy to get my hands on Aditya Sathe’s Incredible India Bucket List.

Incredible India Bucket List.

His book took me on a virtual tour. His details about each place begin with his journey and storytime, followed by the details of the architecture. When I started reading I was in awe of Edakkal Caves, Kerala, Gir: The Abode of Asiatic Lions.

Though I have never visited but I would like to once things are back to normal. As you all know, I have two preschool girls and they are so curious about travel that I always have an animal planet or a discovery channel and that is how curiosity arose.

And “Incredible India Bucket-list” by Aditya Sathe is an amazing all-in-one book that I have read. Not guilty, but I have my post-Covid plans ready. It was refreshing to read about Hampi as we visited him just before Covid. We’re glad we were all safe and back home just before the National Lockdown.

I was amazed to read his book on the Incredible India Bucket List and found that I haven’t even seen half of it. Well I guess I mapped my travel destinations after getting back to normal.

Not only did he make a list of amazing places to visit, but also the reasons, history and the size of the architecture of those places. You can download his book, “Incredible India Bucket List” I’m sure you would all be amazed at his list of places.

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