February 3, 2022


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Tags: AGE, Autism, calls, Sensitive, Twitter


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Twitter Calls Us Delicate – AGE OF AUTISM

Last week I tweeted a photo of some cuts on my hand. They looked quite angry and I explained that my daughter with autism scratched me during a stress attack she was subjected to. The tweet had a purpose – to educate – not to shock or gory. Twitter flagged it as “sensitive” and I guess they started staring at us because now every tweet with a link or photo is flagged as sensitive. When I posted the sad news of Tanner Welsh’s death yesterday, I specifically asked Twitter NOT to censor us. I know, naive. Anyway, I’m disappointed, not surprised that we’re being artificially labeled. I can write confidential information. I could explode Twitter and many other social media and people’s minds with sensitive content. I try very hard to keep Age of Autism alive and not shut down. Twitter has yet to lift our ban. B30F99E4-9AC7-4448-8E25-51DE2BF525E9


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