October 15, 2021


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Trumbull Election: Lisa Nuland For Trumbull Board Of Schooling

TRUMBULL, CT – Election day is getting closer and a number of key positions in Trumbull will be on the ballot.

To help readers make an informed decision on November 2nd, Patch reached out to local candidates to share their views on various key issues in the city.

Patch will publish these candidate profiles in the next few weeks. So check back often for the latest information.

The Democrat Lisa Nuland, 53, is running for the Trumbull Board of Education.

Job: Creative director / web designer

Family: Husband Seth Nuland, 53, children Jacob Nuland, Alec Nuland and Lily Nuland, who all attended or are attending Trumbull Public Schools. My children had additional challenges in school due to medical and developmental issues, which led me to become an advocate for meeting the needs of all learners.

Family in government: no

The biggest problem in town is ______, and this is what I plan to do:

Budgetary issues. I hope to be able to go through the budget very carefully to ensure we meet the needs of all of our students, including typical and exceptional students. With the major cuts in the past, many important positions have been cut. I want to make sure that we use our American Cares Act (Covid) money so that there are no recurring expenses that lead to funding cliffs. I would also like to restart the committee to review future school start times for high school and middle school as well as a long-term facility plan.

Critical differences between me and my opponents:

I have experience with teaching technology (a master’s degree) which is now desperately needed. I also have experience advocating for students with special needs and can save costs by getting them what they need early on. I’ve served on all levels of the PTA / PTSA boards so I’m used to leading and know what the students need. I’m a moderate who can see both sides of problems and try to listen to everyone before trying to solve a problem, but then I roll up my sleeves and find solutions.


Vice President of PTA – Daniels Farm. President of the PTA – Hillcrest. Co-President of PTSA Trumbull High School. Parents connection for the upcoming elite bookstore project. I also managed large budgets for publishing and web design projects.

Other problems:

Make sure students have evidence-based resources for academic and social / emotional development success, and that social emotional development remains a high priority even after the pandemic ends, while on the lookout for funding cliffs associated with the Covid-19 Aid money can come from federal and state funds. Check the later school start times for the health of our students (According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, junior high school shouldn’t start before 8:30 a.m.) Make sure the BOE is proactive and fiscally responsible and not reactive and unnecessary costs causes timetable needs in high schools for grade 2023 and beyond, which require more credits than previous grades

What else do you want voters to know about you?

I have always volunteered in our community and I am happy to be a civil servant and I think I would be a real asset to the board and look out for the best possible education for our students.


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