July 21, 2021


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Transferring The Purpose Line to Soothe Purchaser’s Regret

I saw a tweet yesterday from a doctor complaining about how bad she felt after treating people with COVID. After wiping a tear from my eye, I thought about what she was really saying and then looked at her. Dr. Claudia William is the founder of La Vie MD, a CONCIERGE practice in Florida that also sells upscale clothing, home decor, lifestyle items, and more. A fancy term for CASH ONLY, SERVICE CHARGE, NO INSURANCE, concierge is often a choice for affluent, elderly patients for whom Medicare is an issue. Dr. William happens to be in West Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Williams says she has a breakthrough infection hours after treating more than 60 patients with COVID.


Why pay a $ 35-75 copayment to emergency care and wait over an hour to be seen for 10 minutes?

At La Vie MD you pay $ 125 without waiting and see the SAME doctor for an hour each time, in person or online.

La Vie MD is all about easy, quick and convenient maintenance

If she saw over 60 patients in her practice, she would join $ 7,500 minimum based on $ 125 processing fee. I’m not sure how she got to see so many patients in 2 days but we take her word for it. That should get her a fair amount of tissues, but it won’t buy her any compassion for her patients with cash or understanding that the vaccine SHE TAKEN against Covid is a FAIL. According to her photos, she is part of the era of the TikTok Prom King and Queen of Medicine, which is where looks sell.


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