Training Secretary Affirms Energy To Use Federal Funds To Counter Faculty Masks Threats

Education Minister Miguel Cardona says federal funds cannot be blocked on school districts that opt ​​for a mask mandate in states where a governor is pushing against such moves.

Politico: States can’t block federal funding for districts that mandate masks, education minister says

Public schools that want to introduce rules on mask mandates cannot be denied federal funding even if their state governments try to urge them from mask mandates, Education Minister Miguel Cardona said. The Florida state government threatened to withhold funds for schools in Broward and Alachua counties if they imposed mandatory masking rules. But the Biden administration has proposed using federal funds to make up the difference, with Cardona saying on Sunday that schools “don’t need to get a green light for.” [their] Governor to use these funds. “(Choi, 08/22)

In News on Mask Requirements in Schools –

WUSF Public Media: Sarasota County School Board Votes Mask Requirement

After nearly 50 parents, educators, and health professionals spoke during the public comment period, the Sarasota County’s school committee voted 3 to 2 to require students to wear masks in class for the next 90 days. The decision, made after a session of more than five hours, allows an exemption for students with a medical certificate or students with special needs with an individualized education plan. (Müller, August 22nd)

The Baltimore Sun: One-third of Maryland’s school districts will not require masks as a state, local leaders avoid mandates

Despite strong recommendations from health and education officials, masking will not be required at every school in Maryland to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as political leaders postpone mandate decisions to others amid loud opposition. The result could be a logistical nightmare for schools as hundreds of students in most counties are quarantined at home without access to the online classes they had last year. (Bowie and Miller, Aug 21)

AP: Schools in Florida’s capital make mask compulsory

The school principal in Florida’s capital announced Sunday that masks will be required for pre-kindergarten students through eighth grade, making it the seventh district to oppose Governor Ron DeSantis’ ban on such COVID-19 mandates. Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna said the district has skyrocketed positive tests for coronavirus since the school opened Aug. 11 in Tallahassee and its immediate suburbs. He said parents who do not want their elementary or middle school student to wear a mask must receive a signed note from their child’s doctor or psychologist by Friday. (Spencer, Aug 22)

NBC News: “It’s impossible”: Lack of Covid protection measures overwhelm school nurses

Hillsborough County’s public schools in Florida have only had students in classrooms for two weeks, and yet Katherine Burdge, a school nurse for the district, said she was more stressed than any other time during the coronavirus pandemic. The district, the eighth largest in the United States, has had to isolate or quarantine more than 13,485 students and employees since the beginning of August, more than 2,650 of which tested positive for Covid-19. In response, Hillsborough County’s Schools Board on Wednesday, after hours of debate, ordered a more restrictive mask mandate and opposed Governor Ron DeSantis’ order that parents should make the decisions about masking. (McCausland, Aug 22)

WUSF Public Media: Alachua, Broward officials have 48 hours to remove mask mandates or lose their salaries

The state education committee on Friday followed up on its threat to financially punish local school officials for imposing mask requirements on students during the COVID-19 pandemic, and explained how it is targeting the salaries of school council members in Alachua and Broward counties. State Committee Chairman Tom Grady and Vice Chairman Ben Gibson signed orders giving the two districts 48 hours to reverse course if parents were asked to produce medical certificates to refuse masking requirements. If local officials fail to do so, the state will withhold district funds equal to the joint monthly salaries of the school board members. (Daily, August 22nd)

CNN: How three school districts defied state mask restrictions

The debate about masks in schools has risen again with the new school year, and a handful of states have taken steps to restrict the ability of local officials to enforce their own masking requirements through either the governor’s office or state legislatures. These restrictions – which despite instructions from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that recommend masks for everyone in schools regardless of vaccination status – have sparked showdowns between state officials and some local school districts saying they are trying theirs Protect communities, especially students who are not eligible for vaccines. (Andone, August 23)

In mandates, isolation rules apply elsewhere –

AP: Arizona AG says companies may need COVID-19 vaccines

Arizona private companies can require their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but must allow appropriate religious and medical exemptions under state and federal law, Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote in a legal opinion. And they can also impose vaccination requirements on customers as long as they make reasonable provision for customers who cannot take a vaccine because of a disability or who do not discriminate against someone who does not take a vaccine for religious reasons, the Republican wrote in Friday’s statement. (8/22)

AP: Navajo Nation Issues Vaccination Mandates for Tribal Workers

All Navajo Nation executive staff must be fully vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19 or undergo regular tests by the end of September, according to an executive order announced by President Jonathan Nez on Sunday. The new rules apply to full, part-time, and temporary workers, including those who work for tribal businesses such as utilities, shopping malls, and casinos. Any worker who fails to provide proof of vaccination by September 29th will have to be tested every two weeks or face disciplinary action. (8/22)

Mississippi Clarion Ledger: COVID-19 Isolation Order Includes Fully Vaccinated Individuals Who Are Infected

Any Mississippi who tests positive for COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status must immediately isolate themselves at home, according to an order issued by State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs on Friday. The statewide order, which is effective immediately, came the same day the Mississippi State Department of Health reported 5,048 new infections – the highest one-day case number since the virus first arrived in March 2020. (Haselhorst, Aug. 22)

Northwest Georgia News: Four Georgia Mayors Adopt Governor Kemp’s No-Virus Mandate Ordinance

The Democratic mayors of four cities in Georgia are asking Governor Brian Kemp to place a masked mandate on state buildings to show that he cares about both Georgian health and the economy. An open letter sent to the Republican governor on Friday by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz came one day after Kemp issued an executive order banning local governments from placing restrictions related to COVID- 19. Kemp cited the need to protect small businesses from government interference. (Wilhelm, August 20)

Likewise –

KHN: Journalists investigate vaccination orders and burnout among health workers

Lauren Weber, KHN Midwest correspondent, discussed how public health workers are battling the pandemic on Aug. 12 on the Healthy You: Surviving a Pandemic podcast. She also talked about Covid-19 news on WAMU’s “1A” on August 13 … Julie Rovner, chief correspondent for KHN in Washington, spoke on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time on August 9 about the misunderstanding of health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

KHN: Readers and tweeters think about vaccines and fairness

Kaiser Health News gives readers the opportunity to comment on a current batch of stories. (8/23)

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