September 12, 2021


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Training Minister: Tighter SOP for colleges forward of Oct Three reopening

PUTRAJAYA: Stricter and updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been announced for schools.

Before the gradual reopening on October 3, Education Minister Datuk told Dr.

“There are nearly five million students in the country from different socio-economic backgrounds. The important thing is to bring these students back to school because they have been gone too long, ”he said when announcing the new SOPs on Sunday (September 12th).

The tightened SOPs are as follows:

> School attendance is limited to 50% of the capacity of each class at a given point in time. Each class is cut in half so that students can return on a weekly basis. However, he added that certain students will not be rotated. These are students in class 6, semester 2, boarding school students, special needs students, international examinations, preschool / private kindergartens and schools with little enrollment.

> While students are in school, teachers prepare them for home teaching and learning (PdPR) for the following week; make it a flipped classroom concept.

Schools in Phase 1 countries under the National Recovery Plan will not reopen until they move into Phase Two. All learning is done through PdPR.

> The reopening of the schools in the second phase affects students in the second semester of Form Six. The rest is subjected to PdPR.

> The reopening of the schools in phase 3 begins with grades 5 and 6 as well as with other students of the examination year at private and national schools. Pre-school and private kindergartens are also attended without rotation.

> School reopening in Phase 4 begins in the first two weeks with Form 6 students in the second semester and other students in the exam year, including those in private schools and those taking international exams.

– The students of the examination year and grades 3 and 4 in full boarding schools will return completely from October 17th.

– Students of the examination year and grades 3 and 4 in national schools will return on a rotation basis from October 17th.

– Elementary school students will return gradually every two weeks from October 17th onwards.

– From October 31st, Forms 1 and 2 will return to schools.

– Pre-school and private kindergartens are attended without rotation.

– Years four, five and six will continue PdPR.

– The first, second and third years from October 17th will participate on a rotating basis.

> The new academic year begins in March 2022. Until then, students will stay in their current grades and forms.

> Unvaccinated teachers are not allowed to teach face to face in schools.

> Classes and all rooms must be well ventilated; Curtains that prevent ventilation should be removed.

> It is compulsory to wear a mask on the school premises. Double masks are welcome. The ministry is working to provide face masks for B40 students and school students.

> Students and schoolchildren must eat in their classes during the break, unless they are air-conditioned. Students in air-conditioned classrooms are encouraged to eat in an open area under the supervision of their teachers.

> Co-curriculum activities are still not allowed. Physical Education (PJK) classes are allowed, but students must wear their sportswear from home to avoid overcrowding in schools.

> Students with symptoms are not allowed to enter the school. However, if they develop symptoms at school, they will be tested for Covid-19. Test kits are made available to schools.

> Boarding schools are becoming a “safe bubble”. Before students return, they must take a saliva test three times. Once before starting school, again on the sixth day and finally on the 14th day.

> There is no school uniform requirement for pupils and students as long as they wear proper and appropriate clothing.

> Parents and legal guardians can choose whether they want to send their children to school. Disciplinary action will not be taken. However, you have to write a letter of explanation to the school if you do not want to send your children. Schools were advised not to hand out any warnings to students.

> In the case of Covid-19 cases in schools, schools must inform the district health office (PKD) and report it in the Covid-19 data app. The PKD will decide on how to proceed as part of its risk assessment.

> The students of the Institute for Teacher Education (IPG) in phase one and two will continue PdPR.

Schools in states or areas classified as travel bubbles will follow phase four operations

> When a federal state moves on to the next phase, the educational institutions work two weeks after the announcement according to the new phase.



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