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Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

Have you wondered about top paying survey sites? They are a great way to share your opinion, help companies, and get paid in the process. I’ve done surveys for years. I tend to do them for a few months then take a break but if you’re consistent with them, you can make a nice steady part time income. Yes, a part time income. Full time income is just not possible with surveys sadly but an extra income for savings, extra money for movies or bowling, or paying off debt, is GREAT! Check out my top picks:

Vindale Research

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

Ok, so this company Vindale is awesome. When you register, you get a $2 signup bonus. You’ll be presented with a page of survey offers every single day. My page adds up to $10 or $20. If I did these surveys from Vindale only consistently, that’d be an extra $70/week (conservatively) or an extra $280/month! That’s just from one site!

Not to mention, their referral program is pretty awesome. Share Vindale with friends and earn $5 per sign up! You can cash out at $50 and get a Paypal deposit or check mailed. I’ve earned hundreds and hundreds through Vindale. You’ll love them.

Dosh Cash

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

Ok, so technically Dosh is not a survey site but this is why they made the list.

I just heard of  Dosh recently, like real recently, just a few weeks ago. It’s a cash back site.

Have you seen cash back sites lately?

The idea is, you shop through the site or app to get cashback earnings.

So, say you wanna buy something from Bestbuy online. Instead of visiting Best Buy’s site, you visit a cashback site, access Bestbuy through that site, it launches the Bestbuy website and then you purchase your goods. Dosh rewards you a cashback percentage on your buy. If Bestbuy’s cashback rate is 7% then you get 7% of your purchase back.

Example: You buy a TV for $350. You get 7% cashback, or $24.50.

Makes sense?

You should be doing ALL your shopping this way! Another site I love for this is TopCashBack. They work the same way.

Dosh is cool because they give you $5 to sign up. Really, $5! No strings attached. Then, you browse their stores and do your online shopping like normal.

You can get cash back deposited to your bank account or PayPal. How cool!

This is an app, so you’ll need to download it using your cell phone. It’s a free app. There are no fees for using it. Check it out!


Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

This high paying survey site pays you $50 to do video surveys. They are super easy and you get paid quickly, right to your PayPal account.

Once you register for free, you can visit your opportunities and apply for as many as you’d like. If you qualify, you’ll get contacted and can do your video survey.

The survey questions are short, around 10-12 questions that you can answer easily.

Because you’re doing video surveys, they expect videos to be clear and blur-free. You’ll want to speak clearly and make sure not to shake the camera too much. I’ve done these surveys with my smartphone, iPad, and laptop. Super easy.

Swagbucks Gold Surveys

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

When you register for free, you’ll wanna navigate to the Gold Surveys which takes you to a screen with 10ish surveys available, with varying payouts. Take as many surveys as you’d like to earn rewards and cash.  You can answer questions, watch videos, there’s many different survey formats. The site has tons of info on it. You’ll love navigating through it to discover money making survey opportunities. I’ve been a member for years.

User Interviews

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

A great site for high paying surveys. These aren’t your typical sit in front of the computer and answer 20 questions type of surveys. Because these pay $20 to $250 per survey, they are more involved and typically involve a web or phone interview.

I just discovered this company a few weeks ago and got selected for survey within a week or registering. I earned $100 and was paid same day! It was via Amazon gift card. $100 to Amazon, come on!!

My experience was great. I spoke to a real person in a phone interview. It felt very comfortable and casual, not interviewy at all. It lasted about 35 minutes and I was thanked for my participation. I’ll be doing these over and over again. If you have time during the day (no more than an hour) to talk to someone by phone or online, you’ll love this company!

2020 Research

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

I worked with 2020 several years ago. I earned $250 for a simple survey. I’ve since started checking them out again. They’re great for high paying opportunities. Look on their Twitter profile for even more offers.

Survey Rewardz

This is super straightforward. You’ll love it. Sign up for free. Take surveys. Get paid via PayPal or Dwolla cash, Payza, check mailed, Amazon gift card or other. Easy!

Final Thoughts

Top Paying Survey Sites: Earn $800 Per Month

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There you go, a roundup of my favorite survey sites. Now, how do you earn $800/month doing these? Here are my top tips:

Treat it like a job

If you treat it like work, you’ll be more organized, complete more offers, be dedicated and earn a heck of a lot more, than if you treat it like a hobby

Create a schedule

Get organized! Make a schedule to keep you on track, like completing surveys Mondays and Wednesdays, for an hour, for example. This helps big time. Trust me!

Join a handful of sites

Don’t join too many sites. Start with 4-6 to get your feet wet. You can always add more later on. Consider creating a separate email account for survey offers. You’ll get notified of new offers and qualifying studies via email. You don’t want it to clog up your regular email or miss out on some cool opportunities.

The formula to making $800/month

There’s no magical formula. Make $200/week. That’s it. You can do this by mixing and matching surveys from above. Keep track of your earnings because you make well above $800/month.  It’s exciting to have this level of control on your earnings.

Do you have any tips for new survey takers? Share down below in comments.


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