February 28, 2022


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three methods to assist Ukraine proper now

Here’s how you can help Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this past Thursday, hundreds of civilians have been killed and over a thousand wounded, according to Ukraine’s health ministry. Half a million people have field the country so far. Organizations on the ground in Europe are asking for people all over the world to chip in and help those affected and displaced by the war. Below, three ways you can support Ukraine and stand in solidarity with its people.

Donate to trustworthy organizations

One simple way to help is to financially support organizations that are on the ground in Ukraine, aiding Ukrainian citizens and those affected by the war. Here are some verified organizations you can donate to:

The Canadian Red Cross: The Canadian wing of the international relief organization that provides emergency assistance and relief via the Red Cross and Red Crescent on the ground in Ukraine. (The federal government matched individual donations for Ukraine up to $10 million, a figure the Canadian Red Cross says has now been met.)

Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders): The international medical aid organization is currently preparing to provide emergency assistance in Ukraine.

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation: A Canadian foundation that coordinates Canadian assistance and projects for Ukraine.

Voices of Children: A Ukrainian organization that provides psychological support to children affected and traumatized by the conflict.

Razom for Ukraine: A volunteer-led organization providing medical supplies and amplifying Ukrainian voices.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine: A non-profit funding medical rehabilitation for soldiers and support for their families.

OutRight International: An international organization helping local LGBTQ+ organizations provide shelter and support to Ukraine’s queer and trans communities.

Write to your member of Parliament

Writing to your representative in Parliament can be a way to lobby for Canada to do more to support Ukraine or oppose Russia, and stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people. You can find your representative and their contact info at this site.

Stay informed

Russia has historically used disinformation as a weapon, and the invasion of Ukraine is no exception. Here’s some English-language Ukrainian news outlets to follow as events unfold.

The Kyiv Independent: This newspaper is not state-affiliated, and has provided on-the-ground breaking news reporting throughout the invasion. theirs “War” section other newsfeed give blow-by-blow updates.

Ukraine World: Born from a volunteer initiative, Ukraine World is a Ukrainian multimedia project. Check out their Russian disinformation updates, or follow their Twitter for breaking news.

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