October 20, 2021


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This mother simply delivered a 14-pound child after 19 miscarriages

At just two weeks old, Finnley Patonai is already rocking diapers in size 2!

Most people would consider it eight or nine pound babies being on the bigger side, but could you imagine giving birth to one almost twice the size? Well, an Arizona couple recently received a miracle that was bigger than it could ever have predicted. Cary and Tim Patonai welcomed their healthy boy Finnley weighing a whopping 14 pounds on October 4th.

And yes, she had a caesarean section.

“Finnley was a little celebrity in the hospital. Everyone wanted a selfie with him, “said Cary, 36, TODAY. “The gynecologist who performed the caesarean section said he had never seen a newborn this size in 27 years. The delivery was so exciting [room]. “

Doctors told the couple that Finnley, who arrived two weeks earlier than expected and was 24 inches tall, could weigh about 16.5 pounds if he had waited to be born. We bet mom, who shared that she got quite uncomfortable towards the end, was relieved that he wasn’t so patient.

“They said, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s that big,'” Cary said ABC 15 in Arizona. “You couldn’t wait to get him on the scales.”

Emotions in the delivery room are often high when families meet their newcomers, especially after a long pregnancy trip. What makes this birth even more special is that it takes place after Cary and Tim turned 19 total. experienced heartbreaking miscarriages– two before Finnley’s arrival and 17 more pregnancy losses as the family grew.

“Two of the miscarriages were twins,” revealed Cary TODAY. “It was traumatic for the whole family, especially our oldest child. Any loss would break his little heart. “

In addition to Finnley, Cary and Tim have two sons, Devlen (10) and Everette (2). The Patonai’s eldest son weighed over 2.7 kg at birth, while their middle child weighed 2.3 kg – neither came nearly as far to Finnley’s proportions, but still taller.

“I’m used to carrying big babies, but that was on a different level,” said Cary TODAY. “It was so far that I could barely move. It would take me 30 minutes to recover from the shower. “

Finnley, who wears size two diapers and clothes for six to nine month old babies when he was two weeks old, couldn’t fit the outfit his parents had chosen for him to leave the hospital in. Cary said she was The newborn son has a generous appetite – which we can only imagine is like feeding two babies at the same time.

“Typically, newborns ingest about an ounce or two of milk,” she told TODAY. “Finnley eats about four and a half ounces.”

After suffering Heartache after heartbreak, Cary and Tim’s persistence paid off.

“Our family is finally complete,” said Cary TODAY. “He’s absolutely perfect.”


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