June 21, 2021


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This celeb dad realized to swim due to his daughter

When he was worried about protecting his little girl in the water, he knew he had to get up and take the plunge.

Having a baby is life changing for all parents, and that was the case with Beyoncé and Jay Z, who are now parents of three, after welcoming Blue Ivy in 2012 and twins Rumi and Sir in 2017.

All parents know how to quickly start structuring your life around this child once you find out they are expecting them and it becomes your world. And now Jay-Z has opened up one of the more profound ways that Blue changed everything for him nine years ago, calling the experience “amazing” and “very grounding.”

“I did not to learn how to swim until Blue was born, ”he shared during an appearance on LeBron James’s The Shop: Interrupted with WNBA star Nneka Ogwumike.

“Everything you need to know is there,” continued the 51-year-old. “It’s a metaphor for our relationship.

“If you ever fell into the water and I couldn’t get it, I couldn’t even understand that thought. I have to learn to swim. That’s it. That was the beginning of our relationship. “

Since Blue was born, it has been clear that her influence on Jay-Z’s life has been profound. “JAY Z Blue”, a song on his 2013 album Magna Carta Holy Grail, was about his worries good parentssince his father left his mother when he was young.

Blue also won her first GRAMMY in February! And earlier this year, Jay-Z told the Sunday Times that he would support his children’s career dreams, no matter what they are – even if it turns out they aren’t really getting into the music business.

Feel loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know? ”said the 23-time GRAMMY winner of the publication. “Not: ‘Here is this business that I hand over to you, that I create for you.’

“What if my child doesn’t want to do music or exercise? I have no idea, do I? But as long as your child feels supported and loved, in my opinion anything is possible. “


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