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Thinx Versus Victoria’s Secret Pink Interval Panties

Foil cherries added a sensory issue


Women with autism can struggle with their period. Think about the discomfort of cramps and the sensory issue of wearing a pad. Many years ago, I was explaining these challenges to a friend with a neurotypical daughter, and she asked quite innocently, “Maybe she should use tampons?” Sure, for a young lady who can manage her self care independently, tampons are an option. But for a female who needs full, or even hand over hand assistance, a tampon is out of the question for obvious safety reasons.

Five years ago, one of my daughters decided that pads were no longer comfortable, after years of wearing them. She took her pad off within minutes. The results were a disaster. I was at a loss to help her through what I hoped was a stage. I had heard about period panties but was skeptical. I found a review of THINX, from a company right in New York, and ordered 3 pairs. They were a Godsend for us. And now, other, less expensive versions have hit the market, including a line from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK brand. Below is a review.

SheThinx Brand

Super HipHugger size L: $35.00 with specials and $10 referral coupons offered regularly

I invested in 3 pairs of SheThinx period panties. They cost $35 per pair and are reusable. They are beautifully made, substantial without being bulky, very pretty,and soft as SILK. No one would know they aren’t just lovely underwear. They are fully lined. Thinx offers an ORGANIC cotton line and a line for tweens. They are tagless, which is a huge plus – no scratchy tags. My daughter slipped them on without issue. They weigh in at a hefty 73 grams and yet are not bulky. AND THEY WORK! They hold several hours worth of the heaviest flow, without a leak. You can see their line of products at www.shethinx.com.

the downside? You have to rinse them very well before washing. I put them in my laundry sink and it’s a messy process. Then you need to line dry them, which takes some time. I place them on a large fan to dry. So, you have to change out of them and step into a fresh pair. You need to put the soiled underwear in a baggie to bring home to wash, so if you are at school, or work, or out for dinner and need a change, it can be awkward. Our original panties have lasted several years. Our newer panties are even higher quality, as THINX has continued to improve them. They are worth every penny. We swear by them!


Absorbency area is much larger on THINX

Victoria’s Secret PINK Brand
Size Large: $16.50

One of my home care team staff bought a pair of the VS Pink line of new period panty for us to try. They are quite flimsy compared to SheThinx. The fabric is thin and unlined. The large foil cherries (ahem) decoration on the back added a sensory layer we did not need. And they have 5, count them, 5 tags that will cause sensory issues. They weigh 42 grams compared to THINX’ 73 grams. That said, they come in lots of fun colors, and patterns that most girls would appreciate. The absorbency fabric covers a much smaller area than the THINX – women move, dance, jump, squat, sit, stand, play sports. I think they would be a great backup panty for a young woman who is wearing a tampon and wants to prevent leak stains. Or on a lighter flow day. Washing was a similar chore: rinse and line dry. They work, though not as well as the THINX in my opinion, because they have a smaller absorbent material area and they are not lined. But the PINK designs are cuter and more fun, which would matter to most girls, just not mine!

Verdict: An investment in SheThinx is worth every penny. They beat PINK’s version in that they are leak free, almost 40% heavier and lined fabric, beautiful quality, with several colors, an organic cotton line and athletic pants and more. Buying the PINK version is also an option, as you can buy 2 for 1, but then you will have more pair of “dirties” to wash and also to store in a bag at your desk, or locker or elsewhere, when you change.


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