August 26, 2021


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There’s Solely One Life-style Selection that Issues with Covid

Today’s post is an excerpt from Children’s Health Defense. Companies in the US are starting to require Covid vaccinations. A local provider of day and residential programs will be commissioned until mid-October. They’ll consider exceptions, however 3AD9B973-C366-4983-9564-216DD2EAAA45Unvaccinated employees, contractors or board members are tested twice a week. Those vaccinated CAN contract COVID and spread – but they DO NOT need to be tested unless they have symptoms. I see a false sense of security looming. Delta Airlines plans to impose a US $ 200 health insurance penalty on those who have not been vaccinated. People on Facebook say, “Smokers pay a life insurance penalty, so it’s fine.” Are actuarial tables applied to every aspect of life? We are now a nation full of obesity – the cause of myriad health problems – which then predict severe Covid. Why haven’t we been encouraging Americans to LOSE WEIGHT since Spring 2020? At just 5 pounds a month, Americans could have lost about 85 pounds. And their health improved a lot. Lifestyle choices are MORE like getting vaccinated or not.


Dr. Peter McCullough Says RFK, Jr: “The Vaccines Are Failing”

In the “RFK, Jr. The Defender Podcast”, Dr. Peter McCullough published a new study by the Oxford University Clinical Research Group and how Pfizer’s vaccine exceeded the regulatory standard of 50 with an effectiveness of 17% to 42%. not met% effectiveness for vaccines.

Why is the world experiencing such a “prominent outbreak” of the Delta variant when so many people have been vaccinated?

Dr. Peter McCullough, a consultant, cardiologist, and associate chief medical officer at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, addressed these questions and more on RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.

New research shows people vaccinated against COVID are more susceptible to the Delta variant, McCullough said, referring to a pre-print study by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group published Aug. 10 in The Lancet . Read more here.


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