November 22, 2021


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The way to Discover Your Ardour? Observe Your Hyperfocus

“Never give up something that you cannot think about for a day.” – Sir Winston Churchill

This Churchill quote is particularly suitable for people with ADHD. Why? Because we work best when we’re passionate, dedicated, and hyper-focused. If we think about something all the time, it’s probably because that thing is deeply meaningful and important to us.

When a topic catches our attention and never lets go, we have found a jewel in the metaphorical ocean. We should never let it slip through our fingers, because passion brings more than excitement; it brings meaning. I feel sorry for people without passions, because that means that everything in their life is something to be tolerated, nothing more. A life of tolerance – how boring is that?

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In my presentation for the 12th Annual Virtual ADHD Awareness Expo in October 2021, my take-home point for parents, educators and doctors was: Your vital function for children with ADHD is to help them identify their passions and strengths in their lives where they can feel comfortable. We need these children, who often have difficulty shining, to know that they have passions and skills that are overwhelming in their brilliance.

I’ve interviewed men with inattentive ADHD diagnosed in their mid-thirties or later. One interviewee told me that he did badly in school but was eager to become a doctor. As a medical student, he was the best student in his class. He couldn’t understand that. How did he do it Years later, after his diagnosis, he asked his therapist, “Why was I successful in medical school?” She replied, “You have found your passion. You were hyper-focused and excelled at something you love. “

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Now I am running a nonprofit (Inattentive ADHD Coalition) to help raise awareness of Inattentive ADHD. Every day I ask: what else can I do? Who else can I contact? What else can I write? Living Sir Winston’s quote, I cannot let a day go by without thinking about inattentive ADHD and changing the world’s understanding and attitude towards it. Hope you find your passion soon, and if you have already found it, I hope you share it with us in the comments below.

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