November 23, 2021


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The Thanksgiving Journey Equation Is Powerful To Clear up

This year: He travels to Trevor City, Michigan, a resort on Grand Traverse Bay to perform at a private multi-family Thanksgiving event at a resort there and revive his skills in making pilgrims out of balloons.

“I feel like I’m in the ‘Twilight Zone,'” he said, noting that it’s been so long since he performed, that he missed some tricks.

As a reminder that not everything is normal: The families he works for have asked him to wear a mask. He said he supported this rule, but as his voice became more muffled, he needed to speak more.

Who: Gerry Alston, 76, lives in Baltimore.

Last year: Ms. Alston spent Thanksgiving alone in her room at the Maryland Baptist Aged Home, the nursing home she has lived in since 2018. Not only was it forbidden to visitors, residents were not allowed to eat together because vaccines were not yet available. The home was playing festive music over the intercom, but that was the scope of the celebration. (These strict protocols have helped keep the Maryland Baptist home free of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic.)

This year: Now that all residents are vaccinated, they can eat together. Ms. Alston’s 57-year-old son Kevin Coger said he plans to visit his mother. Later this month he had to hold his visit on an outdoor porch, making it their first indoor meal together in a long time. He’s also looking forward to giving his mother, who is in a wheelchair, real hugs several times.

“It’s my favorite vacation,” said Ms. Alston, who added that her biggest vacation frustration has less to do with the pandemic and more to do with her health; she wished she could still cook the food herself. “I’m not bragging about, but I’m a good cook,” she said.

As a reminder that not everything is normal: For Mr. Coger, it’s the masks. Although he works for the Baltimore City Health Department and understands why people should wear them, “I’m still getting used to them,” he said.


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