August 23, 2021


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The Secret to Managing the Psychological Load of Baby Care By way of the Pandemic and Past

Parenting is not an easy task – but when tackling a global pandemic it can feel like it’s too much to deal with. Whether it’s emailing homework help or a call to the bathroom to escape the chaos, being a parent in 2021 means facing an exceptionally stressful psychological stress through care, education, and enrichment for children, and to say the least stressful.

A recent survey by Sittercity, America’s first online home care source, found that 60 percent of parents find the mental stress of parenting overwhelming, but nearly half don’t know where to look when planning childcare. This is a major problem, especially given the rise in Delta variant infections, the start of an extremely insecure school year, and the large number of women dropping out of work every day. In many ways, it feels like we’re back to where we started all those months ago. America still has a significant shortage of childcare infrastructure and parents – especially working mothers – feel isolated and overwhelmed by the expectations they face. To avoid another year of desperate desperation, we need to change the way we approach childcare on an individual basis.

Make a plan

Whether single parents, grandparents, core family or something in between – every family needs a childcare plan. As we prepare for the safety of our families, whether it be planning earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, or preparing for school, retirement, or financial well-being, families must prepare and plan to care for their families. This means sitting down and evaluating individual care needs, planning them and clearly formulating what is required to build a support system that actually works. There are resources out there to help parents find and hire the right caregiver, such as Sittercity, which recently launched a free planning assistant tool that helps determine the type of childcare that suits each family’s needs best supported where to find it and how to find it Ask about it. Use these resources and make the necessary preparations.

It takes a village

A clear understanding of your family’s needs is half the battle in finding the right caregiver. When you find quality care, the impact is immeasurable – not only has the potential to change a child’s life, but it also provides support for parents on the verge of crisis. When you bring the right caregiver into your home, everyday chores like pickups, deliveries, feedings, and naps become much more than what they are. The right caregiver can build worlds in which children grow, experiment and play, and create spaces in which children feel seen, confident and worthy. For too long, childcare jobs have been viewed as a side job or something for the teenagers on the street, but that’s not the reality. Childcare is, in some ways, a basic need of every family, and it is time they were treated that way. Build your village and show them the respect they deserve.

It’s been a tough year and a half, especially for the parents. In order to receive adequate support, the relationship between parents and caregivers can no longer be viewed as transactional – it must be treated with the same respect as the parent’s relationship with teachers or coaches. We may feel stuck now, but through thoughtful planning, honest discussions, and teamwork, parents and caregivers can work together to achieve the most important goal: raise the best children possible.

Jada Rashawn is a professional nanny and nanny consultant for Sittercity, America’s premier online home care source. She is committed to helping others live less stressful and more fun lives by finding valuable products and resources for millennials and parents. She is a link, supporter, and advocate for those who seek fellowship. For the past 11 years she has been in the professional nanny industry, helping successful families thrive in their personal lives. She has experienced many adversities and challenges and therefore has an infinite amount of love and patience.


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