August 20, 2021


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The place Do We Go Now?

I read the following words on a local facebook group. The group is very hate has no home here – and yet? I show this kindness and the respectful treatment of the community because I am discouraged and dismayed by what I see everywhere. Friends turn against friends. Family avoids family. A virus came. And either society changed or the masks so many wore to hide their anger from one another came off. Oh the irony. Her post is vulgar too and she gets high fives and likes and attagirls from townspeople. What the fuck are we going to EVERYTHING HATE as far as I can see.


I believe that it is your duty as a human to look after and protect other people’s lives. There are many ways to do this every day: washing your hands, covering your sneeze, personal hygiene. Wearing a mask is no different. You know what? Wearing a bra is also not comfortable. But women do it every day so that men don’t get triggered by nipples. The horror.

If I have to wear hangers that often try to murder me through the ribs so a guy doesn’t get an uncomfortable hard-on, you can wear a damn mask to keep someone from dying at you selfish POS.

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