June 17, 2021


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The magic of studying aloud to younger youngsters. E book overview!

Hi Guys! I love reading books and it’s been a while since I’ve read them. This would be my first book and my first book review in a long time. So today’s selection is “The Magic of Reading for Young Children” by Charu Sareen Gujjal

Reading to young children

Since I have two girls, one preschooler and the other in 1st grade, I have never read a book to them. Yes! Guilty as hell The title catches my attention. I’ve read a lot about reading aloud to young children as part of everyday life, but none of that couldn’t answer my question, huh ?!

But this book by Charu Sareen made me so clear that I also ordered some books. Explains why reading is important as it is one of the 4 language learning skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)

I am amazed to know the benefits and I agree with ‘Break from Technology’. Since Covid happened, kids have been home all day for a year and I had no idea how to make them less interested in television. I think I found my answer! And the other point I agree with is that reading increases the span of concentration. As you all know, toddlers don’t sit for online classes and it’s a problem for both parents and teachers. I really want to read to my children and hope that if I read consistently, they would change.

I love her ideas on how to get kids to sit to read. Like all parents, I had the same question: Are the children sitting at reading time ?! Well, after reading strategies and tips / ideas here, I would say if you made it a fun task they would sit! Love your ideas girl My favorite is to make a little reading nook for reading time. This little corner has also become my favorite desk.

Few children do not sit down, no matter how much fun we try to make. Charu gave some ideas that would make a reluctant reader sit on the books. She emphasized the importance of reading as a habit while also mentioning that children are not forced to read every day. It’s okay if they’re not seated. It’s okay if they don’t read together for a few days. But if you continue to read them aloud while playing, they will develop an interest, and eventually an interest in reading!

Reading and re-reading have described its importance. Children tend to remember dialogues or sentences that they really like. Well, I have yet to start reading for my children so I want to share an example with my children. My kids liked Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi movie and are watching it on repeat. Well it turned out to be a comedy for her! You would remember almost all of the dialogues because you saw them many times. I was able to identify with reading and rereading through these.

Lastly, love their Panchatantra based points. Your post about reading for kids is so motivating. I’m already late to make this a priority. I hope I was able to give my children a more sensible foundation as well.

Download your book, The magic of reading for young children

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