August 12, 2021


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The Litter Field World – AGE OF AUTISM

I saw this meme on Facebook. I suspect the person who posted it wants to protect cats. Commendable. I am allergic to cats and have never had a house cat. But if I did I would want her to be safe. (I would have a female cat, call her Toonces, and she would have a car-shaped litter box.) But what does safety mean? Does that mean she should never feel sunshine from the sky, not just through a window? Or are you chasing a chipmunk? Or live your authentic cat life? Isn’t it all about living our authentic life today, whether we have one or nine? Or are we fearful cats – ready to duck at home instead of finding ways to stay strong, be strong. Live strong.

The 2020 lockdown taught us what it might feel like to be an indoor cat. We found that it is very similar to what you get out of a litter box. Mental health fueled. Business failed. Families separated. And now we live like the Hatfields and the McCoys pitted against each other in anger and fear rather than banding together with American ingenuity. We are only allowed 1 solution (3 brands, all in one syringe.)

The cat meme conjured worst case scenario, alarmist information that is fueling anger across the country. That if we are NOT living indoor life – we are only faced with danger and death.

I can’t live like that. Paranoid. Scared. Full of FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. I can live smart. I can make active decisions to protect myself and my family. I can make informed decisions. And like most of us here at AofA, I CANNOT afford to be hospitalized, let alone die. I have taken Covid seriously since the day it appeared on the scene in all its prickly gloom (sic.). I still take it seriously. Anyone who thinks differently is a very stupid dog.


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