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The Ikigai discovery. – Your motive for being.

Since this book has been a huge influence on me, I decided to do a series about the Ikigai as part of my Alexa campaign. The discovery of the Ikigai. Series 2 – your raison d’etre. We all have a reason to live. Some have found it and are working towards it and while others are still looking for it.

According to the people of Japan, everyone has an ikigai! Ikigai is something we love to do, that would help us make money out of it, something that you are good at. And sometimes your ikigai can be useful to others as well.

Ikigai. Reason of being

Don’t you all agree that this ikigai is hidden inside us ?! Yes, but the challenge is to find them and stay consistent. It can take many wrong guesses before we discover our reason for being. But as the saying goes, the passion drives it away anyway!

Ikigai has no retirement:

In the book, the authors explain how a clear vision of your Ikigai will bring you happiness and contentment that will neither let you retire nor leave the work you love and thus find meaning in your life.

And how true is that, we don’t think about withdrawing from something we enjoy doing. Or withdraw from something we enjoy. Right??

Ikigai.  Reason of being Ikigai. Reason of being

The 80% secret:

“Hara Hachi Bu” is the common saying in Japan, which means: fill your stomach up to 80%. Hara Hachi Bu is usually repeated before or after eating. It’s kind of like a reminder for people not to eat until they’re full.

Even if this is not followed much in the West. It is up to people to follow her. The main goal of this Hara Hachi Bu is to avoid overeating and to get the body through the long digestive process that would lead to cell oxidation.

Although the hara hachi bu is only one of the subjects in this book, her eating habits are linked to her long years. While they stay active and fit and keep doing what they love. As a fact, the authors mentioned in this book are, many Japanese never really back off! They do what they love to do!

We can by now know that most of the people interviewed by the writers have discovered their ikigai and that is why they love to do and never think of leaving work which they enjoy doing. It seems that the culture of “retiring after a certain age” just doesn’t exist.

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