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The Ikigai discovery. Collection 4- Why discover your Ikigai?

4th place in this series for the My Friend Alexa campaign. Since the day I started writing about it, I’ve had a couple of questions asking what I need to find it. Life goes on without Ikigai, doesn’t it? Well, so this blog post comes on, Why Find Your Ikigai.

Why find your Ikigai? Source: Google

Why find your Ikigai?

Simple but strong answer: “Tools to find a reason to live” Apart from a job or a business, we all have special passions that we want to pursue and that we don’t want to give up anytime soon! For me, writing is the only passion that I never want to give up.

For some people it may be very easy to discover their ikigai, while for some people it can be difficult and well beyond their comfort zone while breaking the mental chain that leads us not to cross a certain point.

Why find your Ikigai?Why find your Ikigai?

How and when do you feel the need to find your Ikigai?

  • When you are empty inside, irritated by your daily work, or when you are very anxious to do something other than what you do every day!
  • You feel like you have lost the meaning in life and you are ready to find out what is going to occupy you more.
  • And sometimes, even when our interests are clarified, we are ready to reject or accept that particular fate.
  • And when you find that passion for something, it will help you overcome your worries and reduce your fears.

What do you do when you discover your Ikigai?

Fight for yourself:

Have you ever found yourself feeling more and more frustrated at work? Yes, it does when the workload increases. But even if there is no workload and you still feel irritated, do you still feel that you are feeling somehow incomplete?

Well you have the answer in you! Your passion, your ikigai may or may not make you a living but most of all it would give you the “peace at work” that would be your only reason to get out of bed every morning and you would be ready to face any obstacle deal with that comes between you and your ikigai.

Sartre rightly says: “We do not create the meaning of our life, we discover it.”

Ikigai changes and adapts over time. And so it is our raison d’etre.

Sometimes humor helps overcome fear and reduce the negativity in our lives.

What’s your ikigai?

Some of the questions that left me unanswered from the book –

Accept your feelings. – Do you have?

Do what you should be doing. – Are you?

Discover the meaning of your life. Do you have?

Comment and let me know about these questions. Have you found the answers?

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