July 15, 2021


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The Greatest Glue Sticks to Have on Hand

Let’s talk about glue sticks – they’re less messy and easier to use than traditional glue squeezed from a tube onto your hands, clothes, and table. You can give your kids a glue stick knowing it won’t drip all over the place, and you can use it on your own projects when tape just isn’t enough. Here are some great options to stock up on one of the most underrated school, home, and office items.

For invisible liability

Kids will love that this glue stick starts out purple – but dries clear – so they can easily see how much they are putting on without overdoing it. Best of all, it’s non-toxic, washable, and lump-free. Kids can use these sticks on posters, display boards, or handicrafts that need a few extra layers.


If you need something stronger than the average glue stick, but not as sticky as superglue, for example, these extra strong sticks are just the thing. They stick twice faster and can still be applied smoothly and free of dirt. It’s perfect for gluing “heavier” parts like photos or labels when you need the extra security that your items will stay in place.

Super sticky

If you own a glue gun, you know the power, lightness, and durability of hot glue. These hot glue sticks can work with the increased temperature of the gun when you need a strong bond on materials like metal or glass. And it works at low temperatures for more delicate project materials like flowers, fabrics, and jewelry. It also dries clear, so your work will look neat after it dries.


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