March 8, 2022


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The Energy of Love Over Exhaustion

Family is everywhere, right autism friends? I was on Instagram when a video reel caught my eye. A gorgeous woman helping her beloved daughter out of the house, into a shiny Mercedes and then to a chic boutique where they met up with Dad. As a full time single parent/caregiver to my 3 daughters, who needed similar assistance with tasks of daily… everything, the video brought tears to my eyes and I had to learn more. Have you EVER heard of a Burnout Prevention Specialist? No, but man, you sure need one, right? Meet Nakita Nelson. I think we all need to get to know her – and how we can support each other when respite isn’t a luxury, but a necessity to function. Do you have any sort of respite? I am fortunate that my daughters have respite budgets, and I have a great team of helpers. Overnights are tougher to coordinate so many schedules. But I managed to travel and get a break. It’s DEElicious. I suppose my ex-husband is a respite provider, as the girls visit him at his girlfriend’s house in New York every 3-4 weeks for a Saturday, Sunday night stay. It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, as my own dad used to say.

I hope you can see the video below the jump so you can enjoy a few minutes of music and the uplifting prayer of love, acceptance and sacrifice. I don’t know if the lengthy embed code from Insta will work here – so here is a link to the video as well. You can find Nakita on Insta @NakitaNelson_


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