November 16, 2021


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That is the proper reward for youths who love Thomas (and it will not muddle your house!)

If your child is a big Thomas fan, this simple gift will make their day sweeter this Christmas season. That’s a Thomas promise!

Many parents experienced the Thomas & Friends phase with their young children (does the phrase “ashes and ashes” sound?). But if you’re in the middle of it all, we’ve got great news for you: Thomas the Tank Engine is now on Cameo!

That’s right if your child loves Sodor’s number one locomotive – and you don’t want to add a few more tracks to yours bulging playroom this Christmas season – with this news you now have the perfect gift idea up your sleeve.

For those who haven’t heard of it yet miniature, it’s a platform where people can request personalized video gifts from their favorite stars, be they actors, athletes, musicians or reality TV stars. Now that Thomas is on the platform, you can bring your child’s favorite tank locomotive to life with a clip in which he speaks directly by his name.

Photo: Thomas the tank locomotive

That’s right, for $ 20 (that’s about $ 25 Canadian), you can get a video straight from the island of Sodor of Thomas greeting your child and giving them a personalized message based on the occasion – either birthday, vacation, or Congratulations.

If the clip is for your child’s birthday, then you can include the age they’ll get old and a special thing Thomas would like to mention at the party. If you order the cameo for the holidays, you can have Thomas discuss about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, or New Years. For these messages, parents are also asked to answer the question: “What is a special thing you do for the holidays?” So that Thomas can also mention it in the clip. For greetings for your child, you can choose from this list of services: used the potty, listened carefully, had a nice day, showed kindness, done what was said or tidied up.

Now Thomas has a lot of iterations, but the cameo clips will be from the new animated show Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go (as seen in the screenshot above). So if your child is an avid bystander, they will especially love this gift. Thomas is the only engine on offer at the moment, but maybe his friends will join in in the future – and Percy fans can have their day too!


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