December 3, 2021


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Thanks For Making GivingTuesday A Large Success!

We have set ourselves ambitious goals for GivingTuesday, but these were driven by a time of great need.

With your help, we hoped to provide food and supplies to homeless veterans who sleep outside every night. We have sought your help to protect land from deforestation. We teamed up with Wag! Provide 3 million meals for hungry shelter animals. We raised money to feed troubled Americans who would otherwise not get holiday food.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Now that GivingTuesday is over we are really impressed with your generosity and support. Your donations have helped us not only to achieve our donation goals, but to exceed them.

Working with Greater Good Charities, we’ve provided 7,279 meals and comfort / survival items for veterans and their pets. Such a generous gift would not be possible without your donations. Thank you for helping us serve the heroes who valiantly served our country.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

On GivingTuesday we also met with Greater Good Charities and Wag! Host a national pet food campaign aiming to provide 3 million meals to hungry pets displaced by the pandemic.

But at the end of the day, thanks to your generous support, we were able to deliver 4,900,946 meals, which was way above our original goal. We’ve already seen how nutritious meals for hungry animals can make a life-changing difference. Your donations will help keep pets in the shelter happy, healthy, and full during the holidays and beyond.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

On GivingTuesday, you also helped us provide hot meals and supplies to hundreds of Americans suffering from food insecurity after the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. With your support, GreaterGood and Greater Good Charities have provided 521 nutritious meals and staples to help families in difficulty get through this challenging time and get back on their feet.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

But your generosity wasn’t limited to just animals and people. When we asked for your help in protecting 1,500 hectares of vital habitat, you rose to the challenge. In fact, your generous donations have enabled GreaterGood and Greater Good Charities to protect 6,280 acres of critical land, along with all of the animals that call it home.

Again, without your generous donation, we couldn’t have done any of this. Thank you for sharing our commitment to people, pets and our planet!


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