Texas AFT :Texas AFT testifies towards two essential accountability rule modifications for constitution colleges: ESL and Particular Training indicators

Release date: October 8, 2021 10:54 am
Author: Texas AFT

On Monday, Texas AFT attorney Patty Quinzi testified before the Texas Education Agency about the proposed Charter School Performance Framework (CSPF) for charter schools. The indicators within the CSPF are intended to assess compliance with federal laws, state laws, state rules or regulations and / or the charter contract by each charter school.

However, the proposed changes remove program indicators for bilingual and special needs from operational standards. In other words, this CSPF is focused on the running of the school and not on the academic performance of these two large groups of students whose charter is under-served. Quinzi testified that the CSPF needs stronger indicators than failing these groups of students – including those who ensure teacher qualifications and hold charter schools (without supervision by elected bodies) responsible for properly serving these groups of students.

Without a locally elected school board overseeing the operation of charter schools, there must be much stronger indicators to spot patterns of unworthy students – which many charter school whistleblowers have reported in the past. Texas AFT joined 20 other education and policy organizations in a letter to TEA with extensive comments and recommendations on the CSPF rules.


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