July 16, 2021


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Teams need to finish N.C. constitution faculty grant program. State says give it extra time. | Schooling

Demographics at charter schools

Last school year, 200 charter schools were opened in North Carolina, with six more to open in the fall. Charter schools are taxpayer funded schools that are exempt from some of the requirements traditional public schools must meet, such as providing buses and meals for students.

The lack of transportation and free meals has deterred some low-income students from attending charter schools.

On average, North Carolina charter schools have more white students and fewer students receiving federally subsidized lunches than traditional public schools.

As part of the federal funding program, the scholarship holders have to develop transport and catering plans and revise their selection process in order to give priority to disadvantaged students.

Last week, the State Board of Education awarded $ 10.8 million to 19 charter schools. Triangle Math and Science Academy, the largest recipient, received $ 1 million for a new school to open in Apex in 2022.

More than $ 33 million has been awarded since 2019, of which about $ 3 million is left for charter schools.

Diversity gaps at scholarship schools

An analysis of the first two years of scholarships found that 11 of the 29 schools for which demographics are available have either significantly more white students or significantly fewer black students than the districts they are in.


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