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Interest in homeschooling in the Yakima Valley has increased amid the pandemic as families seek learning opportunities. Local homeschooling networks are reporting an influx of requests from new families interested in their programs, following a national trend. They are also taking more and more calls from parents seeking advice on how best to deal with […]

As a neurodivergent person myself who has gone through the school system here, Kooi Xiu Min’s letter resonates with me (Make the classroom a more inclusive space for neurodivergent students, July 5th). Schools should apply the spirit, not the letter, of the school rules. Neurodivergent students, whose brains are wired differently, need slightly different school […]

June 20, 2021


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Getting toddlers or preschoolers to write is a huge task. Sometimes they come voluntarily and sometimes they just don’t. These are the few tips that work with my children. Hope you find these toddler writing tips helpful. Writing tips for toddlers Let them do a few things with themselves: Writing tips for toddlers This self-help […]