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GRAND FORKS — UND and special educators say the need for special education teachers has grown critical in the state, and some are calling for changes that will allow for on the job training. While AND has developed different educational paths to more quickly graduate qualified teachers, special education unit directors are dealing with open […]

On Tuesday, October 26th, many Grand Valley State University students opened their emails and found they had been granted money by the financial aid agency. These funds are part of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding (HEERF), which aims to help students in the wake of financial emergencies caused by COVID-19 by providing additional funds […]

June 17, 2021


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RESULTS – Ventura County’s Civil Jury recommends increased supervision on buses for students with special needs. After examining the challenges faced by bus drivers carrying students with special needs, a Ventura district grand jury made recommendations to the district education bureau on ways to improve safety for both students and drivers. The “extremely demanding” requirements […]