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Public Accounts Committee report challenges DfE assertion that the school system is in good financial health PAC report on “Financial Sustainability of Schools in England” says “DfE must grasp that it’s not ok for any group of our children to be abandoned in the system it oversees” In a 2016 investigation the NAO found that […]

For more than 15 years, Glasgow lawyer Iain Nisbet has been fighting to give vulnerable children the education they need. He takes up the cases of high school students who have been bullied, traumatized and often excluded from class. They suffer from a range of disabilities and are desperate for the support that only special […]

July 9, 2021


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Two proteins: Equipping cortical neurons with a calcium sensor (red) and an opsin protein (green) enables researchers to study neural circuits in mice. A newly engineered protein for optogenetic experiments requires less light than traditional techniques to excite or inactivate neurons, thereby reducing thermal damage to brain tissue. The protein, described in eLife in May, […]