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February 19, 2022


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BOARD OF EDUCATION Willmar Public Schools – ISD 347 Willmar, MN 56201 Minutes of the Regular School Board Meeting on January 10, 2022 Regular Board Meeting called to order by Chair, Justin Bos, at 4:36 pm Members Present: Mike Reynolds, Mary Amon , Jay Lawton, Scott Thaden, Justin Bos, Tammy Barnes, Randy Frederickson Members Absent: […]

MASSENA – In anticipation that some students may need additional assistance getting back to school this fall, the Massena Central School District Education Committee has approved the recruitment of a second occupational therapist. “The Office of Special Services asked us to have another district occupational therapist to meet the needs of our students. We currently […]

MASSENA – The Massena Central School Board of Education approved a state-mandated comprehensive district improvement plan that was required to be submitted to the state Department of Education after the district was identified as a target district last year. The district was identified because a subset of high school students – people with disabilities – […]