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August 12, 2021


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Jessica Colgan-Snyder, Assistant Director of Camp Hawkeye, sent a similar letter in early July. “We have seen and worked on a lot more behavior problems and general stress and anxiety in our camper population,” she wrote. “We hear older campers say that it’s difficult not just to go into their rooms and get away from […]

Williamsport, PA Physiotherapist Assistant Major students at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology put their skills to good use by providing video activities to Camp Victory, known as Special Camps for Special Children. The Milville camp was built for children with a variety of needs, including those with chronic health problems, physical or mental illnesses, or […]

Kelsey Werner, Gregory St. Arnold & Thomas M. Crea abstract background Children with disabilities face unique humanitarian challenges, and education can provide safeguards against abuse and exploitation. The call for inclusive education for children with disabilities in formal education is growing, but guidance on how to improve inclusion in complex and resource-constrained contexts of humanitarian […]