August 6, 2021


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This blog post is the fourth in a row that your author knows from BlogChatter Half marathon. I would like to talk about topics covered on my blog Momlifeandlifestyle. Since this is a lifestyle blog for moms, I want to maintain a more realistic blog that connects the parents with the content.

BlogChatterHalfMarathon posts:

  1. Blogging is, ad why i choose it.
  2. Why Momlifeandlifestyle as my domain name.
  3. How I deal with children and blogging.

As a mother of two, I sometimes feel swept away by social media posts. Social media can be true sometimes, but there’s more to these cute pictures. A whole new scenario with kids who are so confident !!


I wanted to be realistic when writing my posts. Since I was a mother, I’ve tried to see things and write from a mother’s perspective. On Momlifeandlifestyle, most of my posts relate to Motherhood Edition Talks. Some realistic conversations about me-time and how society would see it.

Me-time is something I’ve talked about a lot on my website. It’s still uncommon for most mothers to have it. Here in India, children and housework are a matter of motherhood. And many of us let go of our careers / passion for our family.

A few tips and tricks for controlling children’s tantrums I follow very much. We parents give children what they want, but that can sometimes be exaggerated. Children and tantrums are difficult to manage if not controlled.

Stop blaming mom: Mother’s guilt is something that all mothers face sooner or later. As in my previous post, I talked about the tantrums, even we (mothers) would have an outbreak when we hit a tipping point. This post has received a lot of recognition as we all owe this mom debt! Read the post to learn a few points that could help you deal with mom’s guilt without giving up what you love.

In my next series of Know Your Author, I’d like to talk about why I write more about single mothers / single parents. A topic that is close to my heart!

This blog post is part of #BlogChatterHalfMarathon.

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